While making this film, the Red Wolf Revival team learned about the various intracacies that make this story even more unique than imagined. In addition to watching the film, we encourage you to stay informed on the red wolf issues today. Here are some resources that will help you dig deeper into the red wolf story, show you were you can find a red wolf near you, and identify active petitions. More than anything, we hope you use your voice to express your perspectives on this issue, whatever they may be.


Red Wolf Species Survival Plan - The Species Survival Program (SSP) is charged with the breeding and management program to ensure health and survival of the zoo-based red wolf population.

Care2's Petition: "North Carolina: Don't Abandon Red Wolf Recovery" - An active petition pushing for the protection of red wolves directed toward the US Fish and Wildlife Service and the NC Wildlife Resources Commission

NC Fish and Hunt Forum: Red Wolf Restoration Scandal - This forum is an active conversation that includes posts challenging the authority and legality of the red wolf recovery program.

Red Wolf Coalition - The Red Wolf Coalition is the sole non-profit dedicated solely to the education and protection of red wolves in the wild.

The Truth About Red Wolves - This website, launched in 2015, is the collective work of several non-profit organizations fighting to protect red wolves. They offer evidence-based responses to the misconceptions many people have to red wolves and attempts to clarify the history and biology of the canid.