UNC Chapel Hill

  • Hanes Art Center 115 South Columbia Street Chapel Hill, NC, 27514 United States

The Fish and Wildlife Service recently decided to transform the red wolf recovery program to focus on a single captive population --- come to this film and panel to learn why we should KEEP RED WOLVES IN THE WILD. 

Sept. 29 at 7:00 PM
Hanes Art Auditorium 121

Panel members include
* Christian Hunt from the Defenders of Wildlife www.defenders.org/staff/christian-hunt
* Ron Sutherland from The Wildlands Network www.wildlandsnetwork.org/about-us/staff/ron-sutherland

Hosted by
* The Wild Will Coalition www.wildism.org 
* The Wildernist www.thewildernist.org
* Students for Environmental Justice and Nuclear Awareness (SEJNA)https://studentlife.unc.edu/organization/SEJNA

September 29
NC State University
October 11
Clemson University