What are the roles of the CPA and the CFO?

CPA means a certified public accountant; this is the main qualification to become CFO of the standard top most companies.

CPA is the basic job platform for the auditing, charted accountant, tax preparation service, etc. The role of the auditor is the review and evaluate the financial account of the management.

Based on it the CPA decide to give financial statement opinion on whether any issues were found. In a tax preparation service, they have to prepare tax forms of client property taxes into income tax.

CFO which means chief financial officers has the roles of managing the company’s financial strategy.

Financial planning and analyze the difficulties in the accountant sector. Find the strength and weaknesses of the financial activities of the company.


Every top-level company should have this chief financial officer to maintain the financial status of the company and to get the accurate planning and report of the finance division at the correct time. Know the difference between CPA and CFO, CFO is the highest position in the financial department of famous companies.

The position has the authority to decide and spend money for the company and legally advised the company about when to spend and for what to use.

But to become CFO, the person should have certified with the CPA course and have to work as an accountant in reputed companies. Then the person should have many years of experience in the financial division.

Here CPA vs CFO, this certified public account play a major role in the job platform of various financial position.

Among these, for the position of chief financial officer, you must need to pass in the CPA exams. If you are certified with this course then you are mostly eligible for the CFO position and have to gain more knowledge about the finance sector, experience will bring that in your hand.

Spending some years as an accountant in various companies to get experience and to understand the business strategy in finance and functions of it properly.

After that, you will get lots and lots of knowledge about the financial division of the business. It makes complete eligibility for the CFO Job and the basic thing about CFO vs CPA, advantages of being a CFO is business planning and strategy all done under the control of this role.

It is the top position and next level to the CEO of the company and to report all decisions regarding the business.

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