Kenneth Canto


Kenneth Canto is co-founder and CEO of Red Wolf Revival. After graduating college, he began work at a Chicago-based hedge fund. He soon realized that instead of serving the wealthy, he needed to address the void in our financial education system. He began working on Red Wolf Revival with the mission to help kids, adults, and families get on the right financial path through freely-accessible online content. In his free time, he loves to play ice hockey and tennis, and he enjoys meditating as well. Kenneth has a bachelor’s degree in economics from Brown University.

Hubert Sanders



Hubert Sanders is co-founder and CTO of Red Wolf Revival. With the advent of the Information Age, he was fascinated with the Internet at a young age and built and tinkered with various websites. He started his career as a strategist at a top digital marketing agency in New York City, consulting large global companies on expanding their online presences. It’s here that Hubert grew his passion for business, finance, and technology, and how they intersect. In 2010, after seeing a lack of financial education in young people, even in himself, he started Red Wolf Revival with the aim of helping people find the resources they need to make smart financial decisions and be good stewards of money. In his spare time, he enjoys finding deals and playing the drums. Hubert has a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering from Northwestern University.


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