Methods to do trading in Binomo

Binary option trading has become a growing global business for the financial traders. Binomo is one of the binary option trading platform which is user-friendly and one of the best trading options platforms in the global market.

In addition to trading, Binomo also provides trading investment training, investment insurance to the traders and complete analytical support to the investors.

The best way to earn profit through Binomo is to make perfect predictions about the asset. In order to predict, the trader need to have deep talented skill about the recent market in trend.

The trade in Binomo in India is completely legal and anyone can do trade legally.

How to do trading through Binomo?

In order to do trading, you need to start with a registered account on the website, and you will get $10000 units for free trading once you done register for demo trading.


Deposit of at least $10 is must to continue trading with other countries. There are 3 main types trading accounts available in Binomo. They are:

  • Demo account
  • Standard account
  • Gold account
  • VIP account

The demo account is actually for the starters; they will provide$1000as free for practice in demo trading. In standard account you need to deposit of$10 to start trading, and when you win in this you can withdraw the amount.

Next Binomo work in India offers gold account, where you can get 5% cashback on continuous trades which you do.

To activate this account $500 have to deposit. And you can get more benefits and bonuses than other types.

Next one is VIP account, which needs a deposit of $1000 to activate. Within 4 hours you can withdraw your money which you won in trading. 10% weekly cashback and bonus amount is avail as well.

In Binomo trading platform inIndia, there are no hidden charges on the transactions you do on trading. Binomo is a great platform and you can deposit your money through different methods either by cards or by some binary trading platform.

Visa card, master card, bitcoin is some of the major methods of depositing your money through Binomo. In addition to experience a trader must have good support to get success in the trading business.

Having good communication with other traders and clarifying your issues with the customer support they have helps you to relive from major problem.

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