Win your jackpot by playing EuroMillion lottery in India

Many people from various countries have been played lotteries. EuroMillion is a lottery played across many countries. Now from India you can easily play EuroMillion lotteries.

First of all, you have to know how to play the EuroMillion lottery in India? It is very easy and simple process.

By clicking the EuroMillion online websites, you will get a photo of the ticket which is a proof of the ticket that has been brought, then you can open your account, you can start play by selecting numbers from1 to 50 and 1 to 12 for lucky stars. Basically there are 2ways to play EuroMillion online.

  • Simple combination
  • Multiple combination

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This is a simple guide to EuroMillion online lottery in India. In simple combination you can select the 5 numbers and 2 stars manually, and you can select the ones which you like to participate in a random manner and you can have the possibility to play 5 blocks with some random combinations.

Whether in multiple combinations, can choose maximum of 10 numbers and 5 stars manually and place a bet automatically or by clicking the random button randomly at the bottom.

The draw starts preferably at Tuesday and Friday. In a machine which contain numbered balls, 5 numbers and 2 stars are drawn at random.

You can simply buy EuroMillion tickets from India to play the game. To win jackpot of this play, you need to use some tips and tricks.

There are various lottery pundits and professional players out there in the market will provide you many free tips, tricks and advice on winning the jackpot of EuroMillion lottery.

But the best way is to simply buy more number of tickets through an online lottery pool which is available in website.

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