Follow the rules to carry gold in airport of India

According to the customs regulation of India, a duty-free allowance for carrying gold in the airport is applicable with some conditions.

People should carry only a limited amount of gold while traveling. In case they have exceed the limit then they should pay some amount of tax.

This duty-free allowance is only applicable for gold ornament and not the gemstones, diamond and gold coin or gold bar.

If you carry extra gold ornaments, then you should declare gold at the airport in India to the custom office.

carry gold in airport

Guidelines to carry gold in airport

Some of the instructions are there to reduce the problems occur while taking gold to Indian airport. Should have proper receipts for the jewelry which you have purchased.

Provide the proof to the Indian custom duties for carrying gold in flights to India. Fill the declaration form provided by the customs, the passenger has to declare details of the gold jewelry which they bring or wearing.

In case any of the travelers carry a large number of jewelry and fail to declare at the arrival to the custom duties then they will get charged fines.

Valuable reason to bring gold

Custom duties has set some rules to carry gold in Indian airport to avoid illegal transportation of gold. When a passenger carries an unreasonable amount of gold jewelry then definitely custom officers caught the person and inquiry about it.

After that, the traveler should be punished under the customs law of India. Make sure that the jewelry appraisal can be done in your country.

Indian jewelry allowance at the airport provides a duty-free allowance, the range of this can be varied for the genders. The limit for a male traveler is to carry 20 grams of gold and for a female traveler to carry 40 grams of gold.

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