Can I buy McDonald’s stock as a gift?

Buy McDonald’s stock for yourself or give it as a gift card!

It operates through the following segments: U.S.; International Operated Markets; and International Developmental Licensed Markets and Corporate.

How to purchase McDonald’s stock?

You can buy McDonald’s stock through the direct stock purchase and dividend reinvestment plan offered and administered through Computershare, McDonald’s Stock Transfer Agent.

Ways to purchase McDonald’s stock?

  1. Spark Gift
  2. Stockpile
  3. Give Share
  4. Unique Stock Gift
  5. Computershare
  6. Buying Through Online Brokerage Firms
  7. Buying Stock through the Issuing Company

Spark Gift

Spark gift is an online service that prefers you to buy individual stock as a gift. The site advertises that you can send a stock gift certificate within a fraction minute, which makes it great for a last-minute gift.

McDonald's stock

You can choose from among more than 6,000 stocks and index funds to gift recipients. You provide the name and email address of the gift recipient, and the platform creates the gift certificate and notifies the recipient.


Stockpile is another way of purchasing McDonald’s. It is also an online service that is used to buy individual stock as a gift. Once the recipient receives the gift card, they’ll visit Stockpile, enter the gift code, and sign up for the service.

Stockpile charges the buyer $1.99 plus 3% of the value of the gift card purchased.

Give share

Give Share works like the above online stock gift services, except that it’s something of a boutique option. It offers a limited number of high profile stocks, including AT&T, Apple, Bank of America, Boeing, Citigroup, Coca-Cola, Disney, and Exxon, Face book, and other household name corporations.

Unique Stock Gift

Unique Stock Gift is much like Give Share in that it’s more of a specialized service. The site’s gift share options are limited to about 100 stocks, but you can customize the presentation and delivery.


You can purchase individual stocks, but each stock may have a minimum investment amount. Depending upon the stock, that minimum can be anywhere from $0 to $1,000.

Buying Through Online Brokerage Firms:

Buying individual stocks through online brokerage firms may be possible, but is not always practical. Paper stock certificates to give as a gift simply don’t fit well into that automation.

Buying Stock through the Issuing Company

Some companies do enable you to purchase individual stocks directly from them. The biggest benefit is that companies that sell their stock directly typically don’t charge buyers any fees.

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