Visa guidelines to visit India

Tourism is one of the most important factors for the growth of the economy of a country. Nowadays many people are very much interested in exploring the beauty of the world.

Hence tourism has been increased and many people are travelling to different parts of the world. India is the land of culture and heritage and hence many people are attracted by its beauty in their culture to visit this place.

Due to the tremendous growth in the aviation industry not only tourists but also many business people travel from one county to another to expand their business globally.

The Indian ministry of external affairs is responsible for issuing visas to foreign nationals for their visit to India.

The immigration authorities of each country validate verification of a foreign visitor’s credentials by a stamped certification on the applicant’s passport which is termed as visa.

Visa process

According to external affairs ministry the application of Indian tourist visa on arrival in India has been made between thirty-five days before the arrival date.

Tourists who belong to seventy-five counties which include Singapore, Indonesia, the USA, and UAE can get a visa on arrival in India.

The tourist visa on arrival is valid for thirty days from the date of approval. Tourists who are residents of a foreign county visiting India for sightseeing, medical treatment or casual business visits can apply visa on arrival.

visit India

They must have confirmed tickets for return or onward journey. People with Pakistan origin or holding Pakistan passport cannot avail visa on arrival.

This service is also denied for international document holder. To avail visa in India, one has to follow the below steps

  • One should upload their photo along with their passport copy.
  • Then they have to pay the visa fee online.
  • Should receive ETA online

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