Tips for the female tourist to travel safely around Delhi

Being a female tourist, you should be bold and confident to handle any situation. A large number of tourist spots are there in India.

Headquarter of India is Delhi, commonly headquarter are have many historical places to visit. Likewise, Delhi consist of a huge tourist spot, each place has a unique story and they say the culture of the country.

So most of the foreigners would like to visit Delhi, among them female tourist shows more interest to travel all around Delhi.

After the incident of gang rape of young which happened in the main area of Delhi a few years ago, every female tourist feels unsafe and has fear to travel to Delhi.

They have the doubt even now is Delhi safe for female tourists. Crime against women happens everywhere in the world and the accused of such a case should be punished severely.

Guidance for female travelers

Our perception of thinking will say everything whether it is safe or not. Do not go to the place where you feel uncomfortable.

If you are a beginner traveler, then form a group among your friends enjoy traveling. Before planning for the trip should know the tips for women travelers for the safety measurement.

The female tourists should be conscious never to panic about anything and use your common sense to avoid any critical situations.


As a female tourists in Delhi, you should keep in mind all the time to be safe. People of this India are friendlier and helping minded.

You must do some research about the place where you are going to visit and you should know the map of the destination.

According to the place you should change your expectations because you cannot do whatever you have done in your home, this is the most traditional following country.

Learn Hindi for easy communication, carry a mobile phone, and try to wear traditional clothes, follow some instructions of travel advisory and avoid unwanted attention.

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